Interesting how many emails I have gotten from Phillies fans saying that they never thought

Interesting how many emails I have gotten from Phillies fans saying that they never thought he was gonna be THAT good.I know Victorino hits for more power, but it will be interesting to see, over the years, who creates more runs.Anyway, it was a bee-yootifful day at the ballpark, which was about half-full.It was sunny and hot, but smart Mami here chose seats in the shade for Lil Miss, Da Bull and me.As much as I replica Longines L3.651.4.76.6 Men's watch the excitement of a packed, noisy House with closed roof, I also the peace of a half empty place, which makes it easier to move around if you happen to end up near obnoxious people who keep standing up right in front of you,

He was a free agent 2 years ago, the Braves didn't want him back for much dough, and he took it on the chin for the union and took the highest paycheck to play for his Braves biggest rival… (BTW, he HAS been a GREAT pitcher with a HOF career replica Bedat 114.010.310 Men's watch and I sure do hope that his loyalty to the Union won't cost him his election.)He last faced the Astros almost 3 years ago, April 26, 2002 in Atlanta, pitching 7 innings of 3 hit shut out ball. Vizcaino……a .265BAA barely higher than his career stats 3.45 ERA, 1.30 WHIP and .254 BAA.Last year, he had a 3.60 ERA, 1.29 WHIP and .252 BAA.

He does, by the way, get out lefties as well as righties.Anyway, IF Andy doesn’t pitch an 80 pitch CG blowout (yeah, sUre), the Mets gonna face our pen.Let’s see how they’ve done:Russ Springer: RHP20.1 IP,6.64 ERA, 1.43 WHIP, .296 BAA at Shea.Of the current Mets, he has faced Piazza 3 fer 10 with a double and 4 K, Cliff Floyd 0 fer 5 with replica Bedat 334.040.400 Ladie's watch and 5 K, Cairo 0 fer 4 and Cameron 0 fer 1Dan Wheeler: RHP (lefties, of course hit him better .322 BAA vs .258)at Shea 45.0 IP (24% of his total IP), 4.00 ERA (career 4.90) , 1.56 WHIP and .292 BAAOf the current Mets, he has faced Miguel Cairo 1 fer 3, Minky, the Jackal and Ramon Castro, all 0 fer 1.John Franco,

he was pitching hurt all year until he went on replica Bedat 334.031.301 Ladie's watch the DL for good

Unlike last week against the Cards, most of who had never seen him, or hadn't seen him for at least a few years, the Mets know Andy REAL good.He faced the Mets twice last year as an Astro (remember, he was pitching hurt all year until he went on replica Bedat 334.031.301 Ladie's watch the DL for good, right after the 8 12 game) left losing 1-0) (2B and BB to Cameron, infield single to Wright)As a Yankee, he faced the Mets at Shea 6 20 03, beating them 5-0, scattering 5 hits over 7 IP.Cliff Floyd (1-3 with a BB) and Jose Reyes (0fer4) are the only players he faced that day who are still on the team).

He also faced them twice in 02, 6 14 at Shea, getting a ND, leaving losing 2-0, although the Yankees ended up winning 4-2, giving up 5 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 3 replica Bedat 1 114.030.109 watch, 3 K in 4 IP (Of the hitters he faced that day, only Piazza is still a Met and he went 2 fer 2 with 3 BB.) Pettitte did beat them 6 30 at Yankee Stadium with a 8-0 CG SO giving up only 3 hits (2 to Mo Vaughn and one to Robbie Alomar.)How about Tom Glavine, the lefty, 262-172 with a 3.45 ERA (121 ERA+), who has pitched for the Mets the past 2 years,?QUITE different than all those winning years for the Braves.

Well, the weather is supposed to suck today (AND tomorrow) in Cincinnati mid 50s and steady rain after 1 PM with the game supposed to start at 7.Yecccch.In case it doesn’t happen to rain, Chris Sampson, who has pitched 8.1 innings in relief against the Reds will start.Hopefully, he won’t re-aggravate his leg sliding on the muddy replica Ulysse Nardin 263-66 Men's watch ground.He’s given up 6 hits, 1 HR, 1 BB, 8 K and?ER over 8.1 IP.The Reds are delighted that Roy decided to pitch yesterday he’s only lost ONE of 22 career starts against them. Aaron Harang is the Reds’ ace.He’s had one very good game this year 1 ER 7 IP and 2 bad games 5 ER 5 IP and 5 ER.4.1 IP.

The guys are looking uncomfortable away from home

Everett went 2 5 with NO BB (first time this year no BB he IS trying…)The guys are looking uncomfortable away from home.Rooks need to learn how to tune out 55,000 screaming New Yawkers.They got a day off to practice signals and working on their communication out there.Hope they do better against Ishii and replica Bedat 788.010.101 watch Zambrano, both of them not exactly ace material…Opening Day for the 1-5 Mets at Shea:Pettitte vs Glavine (All stats from ESPN, baseball-reference, Yahoo and thebaseballcube) in a marquee matchup of lefties.Not sure if Pettite will be kept on a strict pitch count this time as he was in his first start.

And of course, he made a couple of great catches, but because he didn't slide, they won't get on Web Gems.Remember how many fans wanted him OFF the team in 08? Remember how Cooper would have benched him for the rest of the year and replica Longines L2.713.4.13.0 Men's watch played Gritmeister if Fast Eddie hadn't stopped that? Amazing what a ballplayer can do when he really gets a chance to play without worrying about his job/being sent down/being traded. taking pics of themselves endlessly (is this necessary during the inning) or keep telling, uh, details (ahem) about their pregnancy or somebody's wedding etcetcetc.

If you saw Roy grab Olivo's grounder up the middle and toss to Biggio for the force at second in the 4th inning, you know what Mo means.Click here to read the entire article.Oh yeah speaking of Mo, I checked last nights game (which I heard most of, but replica Ulysse Nardin 243-55-7-91 Men's watch didn’t see much of, thank you kidS and DogSs sigh) and the reason Loretta didn’t handle a single ball is that Mo really cheated toward short and grabbed anything that headed to the left side of the infield.He’s pretty good with the glove his own self.

If baseball fans outside Houston are unacquainted with Everett's brilliance

If baseball fans outside Houston are unacquainted with Everett's brilliance, it's a reflection of his weak offensive numbers (a career on-base and slugging percentage of .665) and his low profile as an Astro.So the public is oblivious because Everett is a banjo hitter in a football market.(Um, dude, us Astros fans are NOT oblivious.And baseball is replica Ulysse Nardin 353-66-7.323 Men's watch more popular than football yes, it's true in Houston) We can only guess what the excuse is for National League managers and coaches who keep overlooking him in the Gold Glove balloting.

(See above excuse career OPS of 665 like that should matter for a DEFENSIVE award)And Mo Ensberg says what I've always said:“A lot of shortstops have different mannerisms that are really exciting.They move really quickly and dive and come up replica Ulysse Nardin 353-66-3-323 Men's watch with a lot of action and the arm is really whipped.Adam dives and gets up and kind of throws the ball over there and is just incredibly efficient.That hurts him, completely.People don't even recognize what just happened because of the way he makes it look.”

Everett and Taveras are ALWAYS taking first pitches (wonder how long it's gonna be before the opposition figgers it out and grooves it down the middle…) Baggy Kd with bases loaded, but it WAS a bad call he has an eye almost as good as replica Bedat 838.010.100 Ladie's watch Bary's and he argued with the ump, which is RARE replays showed it WAAY inside, too.Taveras is looking overmatched, to put it mildly… But I wonder if it's because he is now taking first pitches he might could be like Ichiro and be a high average singles hitter with no walks who has a low pitch count AB.)


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Good thing there is a date in there as well, and I like that Omega placed the date on a black colored disc under a tapered window. The movement is also a COSC certified chronometer. Overall, these movements are typically help in high regard. Going back to the dial, it should be obvious that the markers and hands are covered in replica Audemars Piguet MGF098 Watches SuperLumiNova as luminant. I am not sure that I am sold on the "Teak Concept" dial pattern with the vertical lines. I'd have to sit and stare at the watch for a long time to decide how I felt about it. I am always a fan of dial texturing, but it needs to be done right. If you can't tell the dial is gray colored. Another trendy gray watch!

The driver of 282 buses tells a reporter, according to the regulation, the bus did not arrive the station is to cannot jockey of door. Extra, he does not agree to open the door to still have mainer reason: After thief stole a thing, used happening calls a Replica Cartier Ballon Bleu Large Mens Watch W69006Z2 driver to open the door too, get off next the thing of desert, can so I open the door casually? Can so I open the door casually?? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed city traffic bureau at this point Yang Xueyu of section chief of public transportation department.

He expresses, bus driver and passenger produce conflict, a great deal of due to the fact the passenger puts forward to ask overly and be caused,be. Wait for a requirement to acquiring off ahead of schedule to the station, the driver can't be replica Zenith 03.1260. Men's watch satisfied truly. If midway opens the door, the driver will face the fine that buckles 2 minutes to mix at least 100 yuan, and also have menace to person safety of the passenger. Wang Xiaohui of photography of Tang Ziyun of Zhang Jing of our news reporter’s trainee